Hidden Burrow



An Apothecary’s Quest to Revive

There was once a kind apothecary from a small village who could cure anyone of their illness. 
People would come from all over in order to obtain his magical cures. 
One day while he was collecting herbs he came upon a strange snail that looked injured. 
He took the snail to his home and nursed it back to health. Over time they became close and the snail began to grow. 
As the snail grew, the people in the village began to fear it and avoided the apothecary. 
With the people in the village against them, the man and the snail left together into the sea. 
The snail continued to grow until it became big enough for the man to live on top of it, and slowly the snails shell became an island. 
Eventually the shell flourished, and people and animals began to live there seeking out the magical nature of the island. 
Everything that lived on the island began to form swirls, mimicking the snails shell. 
The man, now old, promised the snail that he and his descendants would care for it and the island forever. 
And he called this new sanctuary Neriterra.