Hidden Burrow


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What facade lies beneath the mask?

Maintain the mystery that lies beneath your mask in this coy conversation game of questions and answers! Carefully craft your questions as you attempt to Unmask your rivals by guessing their true identities.

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Crafting Difficulty: Difficult

Game Difficulty: Easy

Players: 2-8

Ages: All


  • Printing Instructions

  • Folding Instructions

  • Printing Test Page

  • Game Instructions

  • Full Color Masks (6 styles in total)

  • Black and White Version of Masks (6 styles in total)

  • Black and White Patterned Version of Masks (6 styles in total)

  • Mask Sticks

  • Spooky Facade Slips

  • Winter Facade Slips

  • Create Your Own Facade Slips

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