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If you cannot find the answer to your question in the FAQ section, please fill out the contact form below. Thank you!

How should I print out my games?

You can print them out with your home printer, or by using a printing shop. All content is formatted to standard A4 paper (210 × 297 mm) and most printers will automatically resize PDFs to fit them on the paper you use. Paper around 140g-200g is recommended for sturdier printouts. (If that’s confusing, look for book paper and cover paper. You want something thicker than standard paper, but not as thick as cardstock.) However, you can print on any color or texture you’d like! Just be sure to print a test page first.

How do you play these games?

Hidden Burrow games and adventures are all made to be printable content. After downloading the PDF, read through it to find the printing instructions. Not all pages in the packet need to be printed, so read carefully! After printing, cut out what needs to be cut out, once again following the instructions.

How can I share these games and adventures with others?

While we encourage you to enjoy our games and adventures with your friends and family you may not distribute them in either their digital or physical formats. You can feel free to print your copy at another person’s home and use the printed copy with them, but at the end of the day your physical and digital copies are yours and need to stay with you. We’d love for everyone to have the opportunity to play these games, so if someone else would like a copy, please refer them back to our site so they can purchase their own. Our games have been priced to be affordable and easy for everyone to enjoy!

What if I don’t want to use a lot of ink?

Each pack comes with several versions of the printouts to accommodate different preferences. You can print in full color double or single sided, as well as black and white in double or single sided using minimal ink! You can also use the black and white printouts and color them in yourself to add one more DIY aspect to the fun. If you don’t have a printer or enough ink, you can have your games printed at a nearby print shop (or your friends house) and avoid using your own ink altogether!

What are other ways I can support your awesome business?

We plan on launching a Patreon page in the future, with special perks for those who continually support this venture. You can also follow us on different social media sites, talk about our games with others and online, host gaming nights at your local game or comic store (contact us for more information for this one), and join us when we host our own livestreams and events! There will also be a store to buy things like stickers, phone cases, bags, etc. in the future, so be on the lookout for that!

Can I review your products or play them on a livestream or video?

Yes! We would love for anyone to play our games or show them to their followers online. Be sure to tag us or let us know on social media if you do, so we can promote you as well! You can also feel free to write reviews, and contact us if you’d like any additional press related information.

What happens if I lose the digital copy of my game?

We’re new at this too, and mistakes can happen (we’re all human!). If something happens to your digital copy or something goes wrong after your purchase, fill out the contact form below so we can help resolve your issue.

Will your products be available in other languages?

Yes! We eventually plan to publish all games and adventures in several different languages, so make sure to follow us online to keep an eye out for them.

How long are my games available after purchase?

After your purchase is completed you will be emailed a link to download your games. Games you have purchased are only accessible for download for 24 hours after the time of purchase, so please download them right away! Once the game has been downloaded you are welcome to keep your copy and print as needed. If for any reason you have difficulty downloading a product you have already purchased, or have an issue with purchasing please use the contact form below so we can help!

Will there ever be physical versions of your products?

We have talked about eventually publishing and printing our games for those who want more permanent and sturdy versions of our products. Although they do not exist now, there is a chance they will be in the future, alongside the original digitally sold versions.


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