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We've Been Written About Online!

Over the past couple months, Hidden Burrow has been included in several articles from TechRaptor! We’re so excited to have people interested in our games and the mission of our company. I wanted to write a quick post linking people to these articles. Also, after having our short vacation, we will have more games coming out soon!

ICYMI, here are some of the recent articles published about Hidden Burrow!



Uncovering the Burrow: An Interview with Hidden Burrow Co-founder Christine McGahhey

Published November 15th, 2018

“Imagine buying a game online and then printing it out. That’s what you can do with Hidden Burrow’s library of titles, each a tabletop experience that you buy, print, cut out, and play. The four games the company have launched so far include the Tarot-card inspired Mystic Match, the simple Slap Jack-O-Lantern and Go Dig!, and a potion-themed game called Witches’ Brew for which you print out and construct your own cauldron.”

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Cards With Character: Mystic Match Impressions

Published November 26th, 2018

“I like accessible, addictive card games. Like checkers, Monopoly, or similar board games, card games are simple fun and the basis for spending time with family. For me, they are also a way to game without a screen. Cards have something that checkers and the like don’t, though: the card swish. I like the way cards feel. I like dealing them, holding them, flipping them, stacking them; folding them slightly to shoot them into my other hand. Cards themselves are fun.”

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Come On Triple Eyes of Newt!: Witches’ Brew Impressions

Published December 6th, 2018

“I like simple board games with pieces you can hold and pick up. I think of playing Forbidden Bridge as a kid and holding the little human figures, putting them in the rowboats, placing the little gems in their backpacks, and pushing the huge statue down and hearing it roar and the bridge shake. I was messing with a miniature world, a tiny thing of plastic and cartoon pictures, all meant to represent the exhilarating and otherworldly adventure depicted on the box. My Fisher Price castle and pirate sets allowed me this wonder, too. LEGOs were king.”

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Printable Bites: Slap Jack-O-Lantern and Go Dig! Impressions

Published December 17th, 2018

Slap Jack-O-Lantern is like a Mario Party minigame in real life. It’s fast-paced and based on quick reflexes and potential high levels of annoyance for your playing partners. The central mechanism is slapping: slapping down as fast as you can once you see the Jack-O-Lantern.”

Go Dig! is Hidden Burrow’s own graveyard themed Go Fish!. Your goal is to assemble a complete skeleton, whose parts come in pairs. You ask to swap cards with other players to get the ones you need. If the other player does not have the card you requested, they tell you “Go dig!” and you draw from the “graveyard” pile in the middle of the table.”

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I’d like to say a special thank you to Trevor Whalen especially for writing these pieces.

If you would like to write about our games or do any sort of review, feel free to reach out! We’re always hoping to see how people are crafting their copies of the games and hearing stories from HB game nights.

- Christine