Hidden Burrow



About Hidden Burrow

Hidden Burrow is a printable tabletop game and adventure company. Sibling owned and operated, we hope to inspire and entertain you with games that you can experience and share with anyone. All of our games are digital packs that you print and cut out at home, so anyone around the world can get them instantly. Our name is based on the idea of finding secret treasure and digging it up yourself, which relates to our mission of DIY games and adventures.

Create Your Own Fun!

Our games are made to be printed by the players, making them more accessible and less costly than other tabletop games. There’s no need to wait or worry about shipping, because all of our products are digital and can be downloaded instantly after they’re purchased! Keep the file and print them anywhere you go. Great for parties, camping trips, family game nights, and more. If you lose a card or something breaks, you can simply reprint it instead of having to repair or repurchase a costly game. You can even color the games yourself for the complete DIY experience.

Why DIY?

We all wanted to make our own games at some point, and many of us did when we were younger. We believe that roleplaying and tabletop games are all about being creative. The ability to choose your paper, cut out, put together, and even color in these games and adventures yourself is what makes Hidden Burrow special. It also relieves the stress of having to go to the store, bringing along bulky games, or the worry of having your games torn or ruined. Putting together the different packs is part of the fun, and allows you to customize things the way you like. We do all the difficult parts so you can enjoy putting together the final product.

Sibling Power Team

Christine McGahhey

I do the art and design for the different games and adventures on Hidden Burrow, and also help create the games when it comes to brainstorming. I have a B.S. in Information and Interaction Design from Yonsei University, and decided to put it to use by creating things I could be proud of and that are really my own. I hate eating mushrooms and love raising plants.


Creative Content & Design

Game Mechanics & Writing

David McGahhey

I’ve always had a deep love for games of all shapes and sizes and really enjoy the thought and design process that goes into making them. Even in my early teens I enjoyed making my own TCG cards and designing custom RPG adventures and stories. Now I get to use all of that experience designing game mechanics and writing adventures with my family.